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cromox Grade 6 Pump Lifting Chain

The William Hackett Grade 6 cromox pump lifting chains are manufactured by KETTEN WALDER in Germany using the highest quality of stainless steel to achieve market leader quality products. All chains are manufactured on state of the art modern machinery and are proof loaded to 2.5 x WLL with a factor of safety 4:1. 

As with all William Hackett Lifting Products they have full traceability through our Assure System.

Grade 6 Stainless Steel Pump Lifting Chain fitted with Lifting Points at each end and at approx. 1m centres. Alternative lifting centres and configurations, i.e. double leg or triple leg branch to suit your individual needs can be manufactured.

Production Features

Quality Features

Finish: Polished   Proof Tested and Certified Proof Load 2.5 x W.L.L.   F.O.S. 4 : 1

Part Code

Chain Dia.





Per M


SS-CPK05063 5* 6 26 10 80 50 630 Kg 0.65
SS-CPK07125 7* 8 35 13 110 60 1.25 1.37
SS-CPK09200 9* 10 44 16 110 60 2.0 2.34
SS-CPK13385 13 16 70 22 160 90 3.85 4.12
SS-CPK16500 16** 18 85 22 160 90 5.0 5.04
SS-CPK18700 18** 22 115 26 180 100 7.0 6.94

*Stocked at William Hackett distribution centre in Alnwick (other sizes available in approx. two weeks from order date, subject to remaining unsold)

**Grade 5

6 sided Identification Tally: (fixed permanently)

Identification of the manufacturer (name or symbol or recognised mark)

Identification of material grade ie: Grade 6 316 Stainless

Nominal chain size and number of legs

Sling I.D. Number / Asset Number

Year of manufacture

CE Mark

Mechanical properties (all components must be designed accordingly)

Breaking stress 630 N/mm2

Breaking elongation 25%

Stress at MTF (Manufacturing Test Force) 400N/mm2

Stress at WLL (Working Load Limit) 160 N/mm2

Minimum Factor of Safety 4:1

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